Staff Directory and Contacts

You can contact Pioneer Elementary staff members by email or phone.

  • Email: Click on a staff member's name to access his/her personal contact form.
  • Phone: Call the school at 510-487-4530, and enter the phone extension listed below.

Cheri Benafield Principal Office   62656
Jeannette Alday Assistant Principal Office   62657

Rosie Thompson School Secretary Office   60991
Sandra Sharp Office Assistant Office   60990

Ken Bulman Kids First Office   62748

Rodana Breen Science Specialist Room 31  
Andrea Callahan Psychologist Media Center  
Colleen Conley Resource Specialist Media Center  
Paula Figdor Media Specialist Media Center  
Karen Gagnier Music Room 34  
Tina Handshy Speech Media Center  

Thea Ippolito-Souza

Inclusion Specialist Room 30  
Windell Tan Computer Tech Office  
Jill Lothian P.E. Specialist Room 15  
Lauren Read Literacy Coach Room 16  
Janice Schaefer Math Coach Room 16  
Rachel Sowell P.E. Specialist Room 15  
Giovanni Sturlini Night Custodian Cafeteria  
Tony Zamora Day Custodian Cafeteria  

Amy Farmer First Room 7
LaTisha Metters First Room 21  
Dalia Aly Third Room 24  
Neena Barreto Fourth Room 26  
Claudia Borns First Room 27
Jane Correia Second Room 13  
Teddy Davidson First Room 27
Lynn DeForest Third Room 28  
Reetinder Dhillon Third Room 36  
Marilyn Epps Fifth Room 20  
Debra Ferguson Fourth Room 42
Mezhgan Feroz Fourth Room 29  
Holly Halbert Speical Day TK/K Room 9  
Bill Herbert Fifth Room 39  
Kip Keiper First Room 23  
Kavita Kochar Fifth Room 43  
Amy Kruske Special Day 3/4/5 Room 40  
Brianna Lopez Kindergarten Room 4  
Gretel Ly Fifth Room 19   Megan Mahoney Fourth Room 42  
Kisha Marks Third Room 37  
Julie Miller Kindergarten Room 2  
Danielle Nuezca Fourth/Fifth Room 18  
Gail Olivo Kindergarten Room 4  
Magnolia Palmon Kindergarten Room 3  
Brenda Perez Second Room 22  
Becky Pies Kindergarten Room 10  
Lauren Read Fourth/Fifth Room 18  
Wendy Rodrigues Second Room 11  
Casey Rodriguez Third Room 38  
Cathy Schoon Kindergarten Room 1  
Kathy Selby-Gowin Second Room 12  
Tawnya Shaw First Room 25  
Linda Taing Transitional Kindergarten Room 5  
Jennifer Wilson Second Room 8