Principal's News Letter

News and Notes

Our Pioneer Website is under construction as our district is piloting the Edlio. Information will be updated monthly. Please contact the office if you have any questions.

Pioneer After School Music Program:
-Primary Chorus- 1st & 2nd graders meet on Tuesdays @2:05pm
-Mixed Chorus- 3rd, 4th, 5th graders meet on Wednesdays @2:05pm
-Advanced Chorus- 4th & 5th graders meet on Thursdays @7:20am
-Beginning Recorders- 4th and 5th graders meet on Thursdays @2:05pm
-Recorder Emsemble- 5th graders meet on Fridays @ 7:20am

Looking Ahead to February: Read More… »»

Principal's Message

Dear Pioneer Families,

Welcome back!

This new beginning gives all of us a chance to create the school version of new year's resolutions and a fresh start. We always begin by reflecting on the successes and challenges of the past, and then create new goals for our future. Having a growth mindset, learning through mistakes, and persevering through difficult moments are the key to achieving academic success. By combining our efforts and supporting our children in these endeavors together, they will be well prepared for college, career and leadership. Read More… »»

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